Company Profile: Melaleuca

Melaleuca is a U.S-based health and wellness company that manufactures and sells over 500 different wellness products. It was founded in 1985 by CEO Frank VanderSloot, who has a personal history of farming and agriculture.

One of the things that sets Melaleuca apart from the competition is the was it makes its products and the ingredients that are put into them. For example, Melaleuca has a line of coffee products, all of which are fairly sourced from sustainable, responsible growers around the world. The company is known for using only the safest, most natural ingredients available to them.

According to online Melaleuca reviews, the company develops products that are safe and effective for homes and families. It is also big on environmental wellness. While many companies use cheap ingredients and harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach and ammonia in their products, Melaleuca refuses to use such things in any of their products. One example is the company’s line of household cleaners, which rely on natural ingredients like citric acid from lemons, vinegar, and thyme oil to do the job. has a lot in common with farmers, who see the land as a gift and do their best to take car of it for future generations. Melaleuca also respects Mother Nature and does several things to ensure she is healthy and looked after for the benefit of generations to come. Melaleuca is a leader in concentrated products. It refuses to ship excess water and plastic, thus saving landfills, reducing greenhouse emissions, and protecting delicate ecosystems.

Melaleuca is just one of several companies that have a deep concern for the environment. Many companies make it a part of their mission to look for natural solutions, rely on sustainable energy to cary out their operations, and keep the earth as pristine as possible. The more companies that follow suit, the better this world will be in the long run.