Finding the Right Gardener

If you do not have a natural green thumb or you have limited resources for maintaining a healthy, beautiful garden, you might find gardening an ineffective and time-consuming task. Getting expert help and a good gardener can be your best option to achieve the perfect outdoor space.

How to Find the Right Gardener

  1. Visualise what you want to achieve –You need to discuss the ideas and plans you have for your outdoor space. Start by determining the size of your space. Depending on the kind of service you’ll need, determine how frequent your gardening request will be.
  2. Check credentials and qualifications –Opt for a gardener who has many years of experience in performing gardening tasks. It would be a smart idea for you to ask if he can show some of his previous works so you’ll get an idea of what your garden would be like. Apart from that, he must have the correct insurance.
  3. Ask for a quote –Make sure that the quote given to you will include all aspects of the work that must be done on your garden. For instance, ask if the price is per visit if you require a regular maintenance program. Often, however, garden maintenance services are provided on an hourly basis. In Delhi/NCR, expect to pay around 500 per day. The amount varies depending on the location and the services involved. You might be given a flat rate if you choose to let the expert visit and maintain your garden monthly.
  4. Look into the services offered –Most garden maintenance companies can perform any job related to gardening. Services offered will help enhance the aesthetics of your home and prolong the life of your lawn.


Different Services Offered By a Gardener

Fertilisation – Fertilisers will help keep the plants healthy. These substances also encourage the plants to produce high-quality flowers, veggies or fruits.

Garden Cleanup & Waste Removal – Garden cleanup services may include mowing, leaf collection, weeding, mulching and edging, watering, landscaping, fertilising and pruning. Waste removal, on the other hand, will deal with getting rid of all the rubbish from your garden and recycling them whenever possible. You want to make sure they use only environmentally safe cleaning products from or another green company when they are cleaning up tools, sheds, garages, and other garden spaces.

Weed Control – Weeds can block sunlight and take nutrients from your plants. The best gardener will assist in weed removal as well as inform you how to successfully get rid of weeds from your garden.

Trimming and Pruning – A reputable gardener can offer regular trimming and pruning services to keep your garden always looking at its best.