How do you prepare your garden in the spring?

Now that the snow is gone and summer is (supposedly) on its way, the green thumb in you is beginning to itch, and you’re looking forward to getting your garden going. However, before you get too excited to plop seeds, herbs, and starters into the soil, there are some important chores to tend to in order to ensure the garden is going to produce at an optimal level. Failure to do just one of the following suggestions will result in a less-than-stellar yield.

Four things to do to prepare your garden

Get rid of weeds.

Weeds are a constant chore to tend to. And the best way to get a handle on this challenge is to begin early in spring. As soon as you begin to see green evidence of weeds sprouting, take weed killer to them and get rid of them. Make this a weekly habit until you plant.


It’s important to make sure your soil is prepped with the right balance of nutrients, so conduct a simple soil test and fertilize with easy store-bought, bagged fertilizer. Mix the fertilizer into the soil using a rototiller. Be sure to work it over a few times. And make sure you till deep enough.

Mark off sections.

Before planting seeds and starters, I recommend marking off the different sections of your plot so you have a visual representation of where things will be. This will also come in handy if you choose to install a custom irrigation (drip line) system. It will aid in mapping out the system.


Good luck, my friends. This last year was a difficult one, for sure. Hopefully, your 2021 garden will be a delight and a joy to your tummy and to your soul.