Types of Gardens that can be easily maintained in an Indian household

The daily life and stress often makes us yearn the peace and quiet of the nature which is why we turn to the mountains to feast our eyes on the lush green landscapes, take in the fresh air and rejuvenate our minds. But, who says you have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get something you can easily have at home? At Haryali, we strive to bring a small piece of nature into your homes.

Many of us wish we had a small garden somewhere in our vicinity that we can be proud of and also show off to our visitors. But space constraints and the thought of maintaining something such as a garden is usually considered nothing short of a nightmare.

Here are a few types of gardens that you can easily maintain and enjoy at your homes to live a healthier lifestyle-

 Apartment Gardens

A space even as small as 1000sqm shouldn’t deter your desire for a green view. The best location for an apartment garden is the balcony with potted plants as well as creepers running across it. The choice of plants can vary from exotic orchids to common seasonal flowers.

 Rooftop gardens

If you live in apartments, your entire building can get together and create a rooftop garden. With greenery so refreshing, it will be a great spot for an evening stroll.The best option for rooftop gardens is a mix of bougainvillea, variety of palms and exotic ficus plants. Take this a step further and add some cane or bamboo furniture like a swing, chairs and a table to create a wonderful ambience.

 Kitchen gardens

Having a kitchen garden serves many purposes- you can have health and taste at the same time! The best choice for a kitchen garden is to plant some herbs that you can use regularly for cooking. Go for oregano, stevia, ajwain, bay leaf, mint, kadi patta, parsley and ornamental chillies. Herbs do not require a lot of attention and hard work. Watering on alternate days and a little bit of sunlight is all you need to keep them sprouting more and more.

So which kind of garden would you go with? Tell us in the comments below and we will try to help you get there.