When creating a backyard garden, it doesn’t take long before beginners become overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with ideas, overwhelmed with work, overwhelmed with weeds, and overwhelmed with the choices of veggies to grow. So, in the spirit of helping a good neighbor, such as you, here are my suggestions for the best beginners backyard garden:

Suggestions for a beginning backyard garden

(1) Raise potatoes: They are simple to grow, and they can be started early in the season.

(2) Raise onions: Similar to potatoes, onions (grown from young bulbs) are excellent for the beginning gardener.

(3) Raise peas: Peas are good to grow in a beginner garden, and I recommend planting two rows. Plant them next to a fence so as to allow the vines a place to crawl.

(4) Plant pumpkins: Pumpkins are super easy to grow and they’re super fun! Although not all pumpkins are good for eating, they are good for carving!

(5) Plant corn: Corn is another fun plant, and it’s easy to grow. My recommendation is to grow corn in several plantings throughout the summer season. This will present an opportunity for several harvests, spread out throughout the summer.

A few more tips

Don’t overwater

Keep the weeds at bay. (Weed a little each day).

Read good books about gardening basics