Get the best from your grains
Food is meant to be enjoyed, but we also need to understand how it can make you feel healthier.
As a nutritionist and chef, I often look to eat and cook with foods that are as natural and as minimally processed as possible and I love helping people become more educated about food and eating naturally. So if you’re like me, then rice is the perfect choice as part of a healthy, balanced diet filled with wholegrains and plenty of fresh vegetables and protein.

Brown rice is a great option as it tastes great and is a versatile way to get wholegrains into your diet. I often choose to cook with either SunRice Brown Rice or SunRice Brown Rice and Quinoa throughout the week.
Taste-wise, it adds a beautiful nutty flavor to your favourite meals; whether it’s served alongside a bed of beautiful roasted vegetables, with a crispy-skinned salmon fillet, as part of a fresh rice salad or mixed with fresh herbs and spices.
There’s a bit of a misconception that brown rice is hard to cook, but it’s really not. I like to use the absorption method, which is exactly the same as white rice except you just need to cook it a little longer and use a bit more water. What many don’t realise too is that all rice is naturally gluten free, so there really is an option for everyone.
These are just a few of the reasons why I’ve partnered with SunRice.
Rice is an all-natural product, it’s actually a seed from a plant. Before the plants are harvested to make rice, they are grown in paddies across the Riverina region of New South Wales and in Tropical North Queensland, using world-leading safe and sustainable farming practices. After harvesting, the rice is then milled to remove the outer hulls – and that’s how you get brown rice. To make white rice, the grains go through and additional milling process to remove the bran layer as well.
When it comes to food, for me it’s simple. Choose options that taste great, carry nutritional value to add to a balanced diet and are minimally processed so you know you’re doing the best for your body. Join me in adding rice to your next meal!